Last 15 Days’ Strategy for VDO Re-Exam

The UPSSC VDO (Village Development Officer) re-exam is near your doorstep. The Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Selection Commission Village Development Officer exam is a worthy opportunity for candidates who are working hard to uplift their standards. The candidates should grab this opportunity and clear this prestigious government recruitment exam. In this blog, we will shed light on the method of preparation for the VDO exam in a result-oriented manner. 

Now let’s come to the last 15 days’ strategy for the VDO exam that is necessary to clear the exam in the last stage. Here are the steps to making it-

A robust plan

Yes, you have to admit that you are running out of time. In order to clear the exam with flying colors. You should follow a robust strategy. You have to make a practical and easy-to-follow timetable. The timetable should not be rigid. You can change it subjectively as per your needs and the completion of the individual subjects.  

A minimum number of books for each subject- 

This is an absolutely underrated fact. The majority of candidates do believe that more books mean more knowledge, and more knowledge means more chances of success. This is a false psychological belief. The candidates should refer to one book on one subject that is easy to understand. For example, for Indian history, you should choose a book by a good writer. This is because if you read the same book repeatedly, the entire syllabus of your subject will completely imprint itself in your mind. 

The maximum number of revision cycles- 

The serious candidates have to make rigorous and repeated revisions. The revision should be based on revising the MCQ’s solution in a speedy manner. As you know, you don’t have enough time to cover the syllabus with the utmost detail. You have to take a quick glance at the syllabus right before attempting the exam so that you attempt most of the questions correctly and gain good confidence. 

Attempt full-length previous year’s papers- 

The previous year’s papers are the only source of authentic information that can be asked in your exams. You get a fresh idea of the latest types of questions asked in the exam. You should attempt the full-length of past years’ papers in most quantities, and that too with thorough attention. The full-length test attempt gives you scope to identify your weaknesses and strengths. And thus, you can work on those weak areas. 

Attempt sectional tests for weaker sections more- 

Let us say that you are weak in the geography section. Then you should lay more emphasis on geography, geographical facts, and figures, and then attempt a short quiz instantly so that you have a quick revision. In this manner, you can have a competitive edge over other competitors. 

Emphasize spending less time on revising your strongest subjects- 

You must revise the subjects on a daily basis. However, if you already have a good grip on a subject, you should spend less time on that subject. In this manner, you can gain an edge over your competitors.

 Utilize the morning hours to prepare the most challenging subjects first- 

The brain’s activity is at its most active during the daytime. Thus, the morning is the best time to memorize or learn any challenging subject of your choice. Remember, no subject is extremely easy or extremely tough. It is all about your interest and grasping power. And you need not worry about having low grasping power. When practiced repeatedly, you can increase your grasping power. 

Make mnemonics and link them practically- 

If you are finding a concept to learn difficult, then you should make a mnemonic, learn it by heart, and practice it on a daily basis. These mnemonics help you quickly recall important topics and logic. 

Don’t cram easily learnable things- 

If you want to learn something, learn it with logic. You should not cram easy stuff like a timeline of Indian history. You should rather learn easy things first, and that too with utmost dedication and discipline. 

Prepare with a strong objective – 

In this era of competition,  you need a healthy obsession to top the exam at every cost. Take each day as an opportunity to make your future the best it can be. 

Never judge your performance with mock test scores- 

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should never get disheartened if you score low on the mock test or any previous year’s paper that you practiced. 

Take optimum sleep to consolidate memory- 

Last but not least, never take your sleep for granted. Sleep consolidates the memories that you have acquired. You should get at least six hours of sleep. 

Sum it up!

As exam season is near, you should not worry unnecessarily about the consequences of failure. There are ample opportunities there. In the last fifteen days, make sure you study with TARGET with Alok and implement all the strategies. Here, India’s best teachers will stand by your side and prepare you for the tomorrow’s success!

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